A clean and modern design style, with vintage flare.

I look to be inspired everyday and find most of my inspiration comes from things that are vintage or nostalgic to me. I surround myself with the classical style of the Art Nouveau artists and old packaging from the 50′s, letterpress printing and industrial meat packing designs. I draw from their unique and simple layouts and strive to bring that same familiarity in my designs. I rely on this imagery to keep me grounded and focused on developing long standing conceptual design. 

My unique style of vintage inspired modern design is clean and strong, yet it still feels organic and expresses a clear message about the client or their product. 


Are you looking for a logo or a website? I can help!

I specialize in print work primarily but offer comprehensive identity pieces like logo development and websites to complete your businesses visual identity. Nothing is too small! I encourage businesses to nail down their branding as soon as possible but realize that can seem a bit overwhelming. I offer consultation to business owners to help build your brand piece by piece as your business grows. You can read more about the process in the F.A.Q. section.


the Design Process


An initial meeting to get to know each other better. This is where we can define the objectives and explore what type of creative solutions are best suited to meet your goals.


Execute memorable, meaningful and unique design solutions through drafting and ongoing communication.


Organizing all final files for delivery and verifying that all expectations have been exceeded.


Design Portfolio

Design Portfolio

Areas of Expertise

The portfolio section can be separated into the following three categories, but as a big picture type person most projects span all three types of design.

Web. A digital identity capable of reaching international markets. 

Branding. A comprehensive ideology identifying the look and feel of your company. 

Print. Everything and anything that can be printed. 


Website Design

Madeline's Restaurant  Ithaca, NY

After a complete overhaul of the interior of the restaurant, I was contracted to refresh the website to showcase all the changes that are happening at Madeline's
Using Squarespace as the platform, the new site is modern, streamlined and clean. Vibrant colors reflect the new vibe and the new chef's inspire menu.


A great store in Downtown Ithaca, showcasing why this area is so unique. A huge array of items from leather bags to local foods to birdhouses and puzzles we had to develop a website that could centralize the idea of the store and focus their message. Ithaca New York is a truly magical place and the site helps convey the fun and colorful vibe of the store. 


A local food truck, focusing on fresh, local ingredients needed a fresh website. I was able to easily incorporate their unique look into different sections of the website making it as unique as their recipes are. 


A growing business, finally ready to step up their brand identity to a more professional and complete package. Starting with a new logo and some key printed materials, I also designed the website. Using Squarespace, the site is mainly focused around pictures of his work, which spoke for itself. The ability to focus on beautiful imagery made it easy to create a functional and clean looking site for their future clients to browse.

BrandIng & Print Work

Autumn's Harvest Farm

Romulus, NY

As a big supporter of eating local and organic I began my relationship with Autumn's Harvest Farm as a consumer. Noticing their success not only at the Ithaca Farmer's Market but throughout the local restaurants in Ithaca, NY I offered to help her brand her business to attract more attention and streamline her visual identity through a few key pieces. 


Cayuga Joinery

Ithaca, NY

Trying to expand his business to do more custom work, we embarked on redesigning his logo and decided to add things like hangtags, brochures, business cards to his business to help get the word out. One of my favorite projects with this company was the branding iron that he uses to label his pieces.

Then came the digital experience we customized his website through Squarespace and his Facebook cover so he now has a complete identity.


Hamptons Health Concierge

Sag Harbor, NY

Expanding her business to encompass additional services called for a rebranding. With the new name came a new logo and additional print pieces to help establish a new look. A modest design keeps it looking professional but a splash of color keeps the feeling comfortable and organic.



From wedding invitation postcards to full five piece, letterpress wedding invitation suites I have had the honor to participate in people's celebrations.


About Me

A quick bio to help you get to know me better.

About Me

A quick bio to help you get to know me better.


The Story

I have been a graphic designer since 2008, freelancing throughout my career. Although I have always been an artist, I chose to focus on graphic design as a career choice while working at a printing company in Ithaca, NY in 2006. I was taught about the history of printing, and became very knowledgable about the offset and digital printing process. I also learned what it took to really put together a superior printed product from start to finish. It was a great learning experience and gave me a very sturdy base to build my career from. After leaving the company I obtained my Associates Degree  in Graphic Design and worked as a contracted designer and an intern for a few local design firms to help build my portfolio. Typically I focused on small businesses that were just starting out and I helped build their visual identity piece by piece. It would start with a logo design and business card layout. Then gradually they would need additional print materials like flyers, posters or brochures. Gradually I grew to offer website development and now can build a company's entire brand identity.  Freelancing soon built a substantial cliental base to support me as a full time designer. And here we are...

Why Choose Me?

You get me. My direct phone line to call, no secretary, no answering machine. It’s my priority to make you happy and create something you will love.


Frequent Questions About Design

Frequent Questions About Design

What type of work does a graphic designer do?

Primarily I love to do print work. This includes, but isn't limited to, anything that in the end will be printed. For example, brochures, posters, magazines, stationary, rack cards,, postcards, menus and invitations are some of the things that I can help design. I also help businesses establish their brand identity. This includes more comprehensive design like logo development, promotional material and a website that works with the larger picture of a businesses visual identity.

What is branding? And why is it important to my business?

According to the business dictionary, branding is "the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers." So how can a strong brand be developed? An impressive logo to start, as well as streamlined promotional material and a website that is consistent with a specific look. From the consumers point of view an effective brand suggests that the company is trustworthy, professional, and capable. It is important from the beginning for a company to put thought into developing their brand because you can never make another first impression.

How do I get started?

My process is pretty simple, I like starting with a first meeting. No more than 30 minutes usually, I like to get to know you and your business a bit better and explore what kind of work you're looking for. There is a small survey I have developed to help you explore which direction you'd like to take with your business and also help you clarify your overall message to your consumer. From there, depending on the project, we set up a timeline and payment plan that works best for both of us. Whether the project is big or small, the design process and printing the product can take quite a bit of time, so try and plan accordingly.

How much does this cost?

First off I'd like to say I can work with any budget. Look at the section below for more specific prices but don't be afraid to contact me if you're finding it hard to navigate.



Design Rates

Design Rates

Don't be intimidated, I can work with any budget but below is a jumping off point for you so you know what to expect.

The Non-Commital Rate

Project by project basis at a $65 rate per hour. I request half the payment up front to secure my time.


Designer On Demand

A monthly rate to reserve time in advance for regular service. 

Level 1 : $280 / month

Approximately 4 hours at $70/hour. 

Roughly 1 to 2 projects a month.

Level 2 : $650 / month

Approximately 10 hours at $65/hour.

Roughly 2 to 3 projects a month.

Level 3: $990 / month

Approximately 18 hours at $55/hour.

Roughly 4 to 5 projects a month. 

Website Up Keep – $375 / month

There's always things that need to be updated on your website, and who has the time for that? Regularly changing content encourages search engines to pay more attention to your site which results in more traffic. Let me make those changes for you so you can get back to your business. This breaks down to approximately 5 hours at a $75 rate per hour 


Contact Me

Contact Me

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looking for additional info?

Email me using the form to the right or at foytho227@gmail.com

P: (607) 342-2369        Ithaca, NY 14850